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The Audit Process

The audit process doesn’t need to feel intimidating or overly complicated. We're here to help you through the entire process and give you and your unit information and solutions to help you operate successfully and thrive.

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Why are we being audited?

We annually conduct audits throughout several areas on campus to ensure the U-M is in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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How can we prepare for the audit?

We will work directly with you and your unit to identify the most significant risks and define the scope of the audit.

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What happens during the audit?

There are eight steps in the usual audit process from your initial planning meeting to your one-year follow up to check on your status.

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What happens after the audit?

Audit Services performs post-audit follow up reviews to verify completion of your management action plans. Follow-up timing is based on the priority (risk) level assigned to each audit observation.

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