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Mission, Vision, Values, & DEI

Values are traits or qualities that are considered worthwhile; they form the cornerstones of all we do and accomplish.

Mission Statement

We support the university with objective services to assess, assure, advise, and advocate for strong internal controls.

Vision Statement

We are:

  • A unified team, collaborating with other units, articulating risk, improving processes, and strengthening internal controls.
  • A driving force for a culture of integrity, accountability, and positive change.
  • Courageous, diligent, nimble, and candid so that clients trust us, include us, and seek our services.

Values Statement

Values are traits or qualities that are considered worthwhile; they form the cornerstones of all we do and accomplish. We are convinced that the key to creating a truly great audit department is a continuous focus on the values that guide its employees' actions. These are our core values:

  • Teamwork. We utilize respect, support, trust, and inclusion as a basis for working together. We nurture relationships throughout the university system and beyond through networking and partnerships.
  • Respect. We strive to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed, included, and valued. We appreciate each other’s differences and value the unique strengths that each person contributes. We create an enjoyable workplace by balancing professional and personal priorities.
  • Excellence. We contribute our best as we inspire others to do the same. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by adding value and delivering high quality results. Our commitment drives us and anchors us during challenging times; fueling our perseverance. Commitment opens the door to excellence. Excellence is our prevailing attitude.
  • Integrity. We are honest, objective, ethical, and fair. We adhere to our word. We focus on being transparent about what we are working on and always doing the right thing – period.
  • Discovery. We approach our work with an open mind, think strategically and freely, and encourage frequent challenges to the status quo. We apply creativity, mental agility, and courage by becoming open to new ways of seeing the world and being willing to explore through continuous learning and development.

Defining diversity, equity, and inclusion

At the University of Michigan, our dedication to academic excellence for the public good is inseparable from our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is central to our mission as an educational institution to ensure that each member of our community has full opportunity to thrive in our environment, for we believe that diversity is key to individual flourishing, educational excellence, and the advancement of knowledge.

Audit Services is dedicated to improving their interactions with each other, audit clients, and all other members of the university community. Our strategic DEI Plan strives to further the university-wide goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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