Requests For Assistance

Audit Services engages in activities in addition to scheduled audits. Departments, business units, and executives sometimes request consulting and advisory work, fraud investigations, data queries, or other special advisory services.  These projects have a limited scope and are planned as they occur.

Reports for these engagements may be a full audit report, or could be memos, emails, letters, or phone calls.  In general, only the entity that made the request for consulting receives the report.  However, for fraud cases or other serious situations, other departments such as University Human Resources, Division of Public Safety and Security, the President’s Office, the Finance, Audit and Investment Committee, or the full Board of Regents may also receive the report.

Examples of assistance provided:

  • Review of new or updated processes to ascertain whether controls are appropriately built into the process
  • Review of policies or procedures for completeness
  • Consultation about controls with units when planning a project or initiative
  • Inquiry in response to suspicions of inappropriate business actions

As a service unit of the University, we are available to provide assistance to units in assessing risks and controls within their environment.  If you’d like to make a request, contact us.